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Biography of Charles W. Wiltsie III, LMT

Charles Wiltsie is a Connecticut State Licensed Massage Therapist, Department of Health Number 000254 and a member, for more than 20 years,  of the AMTA .  He graduated from JSG School of Massage and Brigham Young University- Idaho.   He’s the first Program Director for Branford Hall Career Institute’s (BHCI) Massage Therapy Program, its first Regional Massage Therapy Director, the  Director of Education (for all programs) and is on the Advisory Board to the same school. He was also an instructor for that school.  He has been in business since 1988, and has extensive experience working with Performing Artists in Connecticut, and on Broadway, as well as with Film Actors and Professional Athletes.   Most recently he has worked with the Medical Team at the USA Visa Gymnastics Championships in Hartford, Connecticut.


He is often quoted in articles on the Ethics of Men in Health Services, Spa Etiquette for the Massage Therapist and Customer, and is recognized in the Spa Industry as one of the first developers of the Anti-Aging, Body Contouring markets in the world.  He has also received continuing education in esthetics and body treatments by Aveda in Massachusetts and at the Phytoceane Institute of Spa Innovation in Salt Lake City, Utah.


In 1998, Charles Wiltsie began devoting most of his time to training massage therapists, estheticians, professors , doctors, and others in the United States—and around the world—in the massage treatment he invented called Lypossage®.  Lypossage® is a trademarked massage therapy treatment he invented to help women lose dimension without losing weight, and to help them smooth the look of cellulite.  The Lypossage® treatment is widely used as an adjunct to liposuction pre- and post-surgery.  He is also developer of another massage used to improve the professional singer’s capacity to sing.  This massage is called “Wiltsie’s Zangers Massage”, featured in Estheticienne, a publication from The Netherlands. 


Mr. Wiltsie has been a featured guest speaker at the CIDESCO International Congress in Amsterdam, Holland where he spoke to plastic surgeons, physical therapists, and estheticians about the application of Lypossage® in cosmetic surgery.  He has spoken on the same topic as a guest speaker at “The Spa & Resort Shows,” along with “the Medical Spa Shows” from New York and Los Angeles.  In 2005 Wiltsie received an invitation to teach Lypossage® at Artevelde hogeschool, in Belgium, where he taught Lypossage® to Flemish physiotherapists and University Researchers from Universiteit Gent, who began their independent research on Lypossage® in September, 2005.  They completed their research in February of 2006.  As a result of this research, the peer reviewed medical magazine called Healthy Aging referred to Lypossage®,  “as the cornerstone of most manual body contouring techniques”.  That is because the independent research, done in Belgium, showing that HDL levels increased, LDL levels decreased, the look of cellulite and total body mass decreased during the Lypossage® series.


Charles Wiltsie was also extensively covered in the following magazines:Estheticienne (a European Publication), Day Spa, les nouvelles esthetique, Massage, American Spa, the Day Spa Bible, Massage & Bodywork, Hers Muscle & Fitness, Good Medicine (Australia) and Body Sense (USA).  Wiltsie has also been extensively excerpted for the books The Four Seasons of Inner and Outer Beautyby Peggy Wynne Borgman, UnBreak Your Health™ by Alan E. Smith and The Educated Heart by Nina McIntosh.  He rounded out the past couple of years with seven consecutive issues of Estheticienne Magazine devoted to Lypossage®, Zangers Massage, and American Ethics in Massage Therapy and the Spa Industry.



Licensed: Connecticut State Licensed Massage Therapist, License #000254
  • Member of the American Massage Therapy Association
  • Lead the research that resulted in the trademark Lypossage®
  • Managing Partner Lypossage esthetiques® International, LLC
  • More than 60,000 hours of massage therapy logged in and focused on:
  • Broadway Entertainers
  • Professional Athletes
    • Baseball
    • Boxers
    • Basketball
    • Hockey
    • Wresters etc.
  • TV and Film Performing Artists
  • USA Gymnastic Medical Team at the Visa Championships In Hartford, CT
  • Director of Education:  July 2013 – October 2014:  Branford Hall Career Institute (managed more than 60 instructors for the following programs; Professional Fitness Training, Paralegal, Medical Assisting, Health Claims Specialists, Computer Networking Management and Massage Therapy)
  • Program Director: February 2013 – July 2013:  Massage Therapy Program at Branford Hall Career Institute
  • Regional Massage Therapy Director for BHCI’s  three Connecticut Schools
  • Advisory Board at BHCI Massage Therapy School
  • Externship Program:  Created the Externship program for Massage Therapy at Smilow Cancer Hospital part of Yale New Haven Hospital
  • Former Radio Talk Show Host on WELI (Clear Channel Radio) New Haven, Connecticut.  The name of the show was “Positive Health with Masseur Charles”.
  • Inventor of “Zanger’s Massage” designed to help with professional singers keep their voices in good shape.
  • Speaker at:
    • CIDESCO International on the topic of Lypossage® (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    • Spa & Resort Show on the topic of Guerilla Marketing(Los Angeles, California)
    • Spa & Resort Show in NYC on the topic of the History of Lypossage® and Body Contouring
    • Many other Industry sponsored venues and panels
  • Instructor of Massage Therapywith expertise in:
    • Kinesiology
    • Ethics
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Hands-on massage therapy
    • Business
  • Published Author: Massage & Bodywork Magazine on the topics of Ethics for Men and Lypossage® , Body Sense Magazine and many other magazines outside of the Alternative Health Services fields
  • Lypossage® Covered in:
    • Day Spa Magazine (USA)
    • Massage Magazine (USA)
    • Massage & Bodywork Magazine (USA)
    • Massage Today (USA)
    • Hers Muscle and Fitness Magazine (USA)
    • In Style Magazine (USA)
    • Good Medicine Magazine (Australia)
    • Estheticienne Magazine (Holland)
    • Flair Magazine (Belgium)
    • Healthy Aging Magazine and many more…
      • Lypossage® featured in the following books:
        • The Four Seasons of Inner and Outer Beauty by Peggy Wynne Borgman
        • The Day Spa Bible
        • UnBreak Your Health™, The Complete Guide to Complementary & Alternative Therapies by Alan E. Smith
        • The Educated Heart an ethics manual for Massage Therapists used widely in massage schools as a text book. Quoted regarding Ethics for Men

Manuals authored by Wiltsie are written in English, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, German and Korean. Articles written about Wiltsie, and his Lypossage® program, have been published in almost every European country, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Korea.

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